Check-list Before You Order

  1. Is the dental chair's floor control box to be positioned inside (built-in) or outside (external to) the chair?  
  2. Does your surgery have appropriate suction/vacuum and compressor system for the chair? (Amalgam separator is required for UK suction systems). 
  3. Do you have appropriate plumbing and electronics installed for the chair? 
  4. Is your surgery large enough for the chair dimensions
  5. Is the chair intended for left handed or right handed use?
  6. Do you need a UK power plug or is the chair intended for a different region? 
  7. Do you need 2 hole, 4 hole or 6 hole tubing for the hand piece attachments? (The chairs come with 4 hole tubing as standard)
  8. Do you need fibre optic tubing for the highspeed attachment? 
  9. Do you need new high speed/slow speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers and matching scaler tips? 
  10. Do you need any dental chair add-ons?
  11. Have you looked into and compared  our three different chair options? Hire A Chair! /  COMPLETE SERVICE OPTION /  DELIVERY ONLY OPTION.
  12. ("Hire A Chair" option only: Please print, read and sign the document "Hire A Chair! Terms and Conditions". Send us an email with a copy of the signed document, including witness signatures at the bottom of the page)


Please send us an email with the answers to the check list above PRIOR to placing an order. 


We want to make sure that you are happy with your order and that you receive a product that is beneficial for your practice and meets your clinical requirements.