Dental Chairs - Service Options Explained

Our chairs come with two different service options: Complete Service Option or Delivery Only Option

Service options explained
Complete Service Option Delivery Only Option
Includes shipping and delivery to your door. INCLUDED INCLUDED
Includes un-boxing and chair installation. INCLUDED* X
Includes dismantling of your old chair. INCLUDED X
Maintenance and repairs: 1) 5 years warranty, including spare parts and free engineer services! 2) Use your local engineer for quickness. We will pay the bill and provide spare parts (subject to approval). INCLUDED** X
Includes 5 yrs free spare parts warranty - no engineer services. (See Above) INCLUDED

*The installation of a dental chair by our engineer team is applicable to mainland UK only. Alternatively the customer can use their own local engineer and we will pay the bill (subject to approval). The fitting and complete installation of a dental chair can only take place in a surgery that has the  appropriate electrics and plumbing work prepared. The surgery must also have a suitable air compressor and vacuum system in place prior to the chair installation. 

Complete Service Option - Additional info:

** Any spare parts that might be required will be provided for free by Al-Mahdi Dental Supplies or by the customer's own local engineer.  We will pay the bill.

** Any service or repair of the dental chair will be done by the customer's own local engineer. We will pay the bill. (subject to approval).