HANDY - HDR 500/HDR 600 - Digital X-ray (CMOS) Sensor


Expected delivery 2-3 weeks (or 3-5 days if in stock). 


Choose size: 

* HDR 500 for the small sensor size (40×26mm). 

* HDR 600 for the standard sensor size (44×32mm). 


  • Includes the HANDY imaging software platform. Adjust the image contrast, sharpness, brightness etc for improved diagnostics and treatment outcome.   
  • Includes access to remote technical support from our service team. 


Warranty: 2 years

Product Specification


Techinical Parameters:

Sensor: APS CMOS sensor
External dimension (mm) :44×32(HDR-600) ; 40×26(HDR-500)
Sensor Active Area : 36×27(HDR-600) ; 30×22.5(HDR-500)
Sensor Thickness : 6mm
Dynamic Range : 0~4,096
Power : 5V±0.5V
Image Transfer :USB2.0
Cable Length :.≥ 3m

Operating conditions:
Environment Temperature : +10ºC~+40ºC
Environment relative humidity : ≤95%;
Air pressure : 860hPa~1060hPa;

Transport and Storage conditions
Environment Temperature: -25ºC~+60ºC;
Environment relative humidity : 10%~93%;
Air pressure : 860hPa~1060hPa;

Packing List

Manual     1pcs
CD        1pcs
X-Ray Sensor and Control Box   1pcs
Holder     1pcs
Sleeves     1 bag


Brand: HANDY

Origin: China