We are the First suppliers of Direct Printed Aligners (DPA) with shape memory in the UK!   

Certified partners of Graphy

Enter the New Era of clear aligner orthodontics!

Endorsed by world famous orthodontists:

Prof. Ravindra Nanda

Dr. Ojima Kenji

Dr. Björn Ludwig 

Shape Memory is Amazing!

"I am recommending this new tech to all my patients. Amazing how you can put the aligner in warm water to soften it, so it fits easily. Then it hardens into it's original shape when exposed to mouth temperature. And if it's difficult to remove,  just rinse your mouth with warm water to soften it, then it comes out easily. You can even put it in boiling water for disinfection! When it cools down, it goes back to the original design. If you do that with other aligners, they will completely deform". Dr Samin Derakhshin, Scotland, UK. 


*Our aim is to achieve the most flawless outcomes possible, and for this reason, all our orthodontic treatment planning is designed by specialist orthodontists at "Ben's Orthodontie" in Antwerpen, Belgium. 

Digital Setup/Treatment Planning: £116

Simple Case: £597 (No refinement fees)

Moderate Case: £1093 (No refinement fees)

Advanced Case: £1976 (No refinement fees)

Memory Align - Summary
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Memory Align - Terms And Conditions
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