Woodpecker LED Q Curing Light - Installed To The Dental Chair


Expected delivery 2-3 weeks. (or 3-5 working days if in stock)


This item needs to be installed to the dental chair. 

(Installation not included)


Warranty: 12 months. 


This item is also available as a dental chair add-on extra.


Product Specifications


Name: LED Curing Light Woodpecker (Built-in Dental unit )

Model: LED.Q

Input of Voltage: 24V 50Hz/60Hz 0.4A Max

Light source: 3w high power blue LED Light

Wave length: 420-480nm

Light Intensity: 1000mW/cm2-1200mW/cm2

Radiation during: 400nm-515nm (Blue light)

Optical active area: 50mm2

Net weight: 127g

Dimensions:248mm × 26mm × 26.5mm


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