4L Stainless Steel Dental Water Distiller


Expected delivery 2-3 weeks. (or 3-5 working days if in stock)


Warranty: 2 years

Product Specification

1. Over temperature Safety: Power-off when temperature is 160°C.

2. Easy to operate, no installation required.

3. Produces water of the safest and cleanest condition. 

4. Seamless round shaped exterior. 

5. Durable, yet lightweight and compact enough to travel with. 

6. Effectively removes most tap water impurities. 

7. (304 )STAINLESS STEEL filter and discharge cap (instead of plastic, for improved water quality).

8. Aluminium wind leaf (instead of plastic, for improved cooling effect).

 9. High-grade thermostability water bottle.



Power Input: 220-240V AC 50Hz\110-120V AC 60Hz

Output Power : 750W

Inner size : F180x200mm

Volume : 4L Distilled

Water per hour: >1L

Net weight : 4Kg

Gross Weight: 5.5kgs

Size: 290×290×390mm

Package size:300×300×500mm