Belident - HS - NiTi (Blue) Rotary Files - Pack of 5 - Single Size (Access File)

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HS - NiTi (Blue) Rotary Files

Belident's best selling product!


*Choose Length: 17mm or 19mm

(This is for the Access File only)


  • Made of high quality NiTi alloy (becomes blue coloured after heat activation treatment). 
  • Convex triangle cross-section design. 
  • Good flexibility, high quality cutting efficiency and fracture resistance. 
  • Suitable for cases with difficult curved root canals. 
  • Clockwise continuous rotation mode. 
  • Recommended rotary speed: 150~350r/min
  • Recommended torque:
  • 5pcs per pack, available as single or assorted size.

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