High Quality 23L Class B Getidy Dental Steriliser/Autoclave


Expected delivery 2-3 weeks (or 3-5 working days if in stock). 


Use your local dental equipment engineer for simple installation and validation. 


Warranty: 3 years.


(See discounted price as a Dental Chair Add-on)

Autoclave Manual - 23 L Class B Getidy
PDF – 25.7 MB 191 downloads

Product Specifications

  • European class B and S, in accordance with EN13060 standard. With 3 times pre-vacuum, one time pre-vacuum, and pulse drying function. Vacuum index up to 0.850 bar. Residual humidity 0.2%. Able to sterilise instruments that are packed, unpacked, solid, Hollow A, Hollow B pipeline. High efficiency. Allwave sterilising. 
  • HD Wide-colour touch screen. Menu interface. PC Automatic control. 
  • With tests of "Bowie & Dick", "Helix", "Vacuum" and "Parts Performance". 
  • User defined function. Adjust sterilisation temperature, vacuum times, sterilisation time, drying time. 
  • New rapid steam generator of stainless steel pipe. 
  • Stores 128 sterilisation records. By USB connector download to U disk. 
  • Save electricity function: Delay-Start, Sleep -Mode, turn off after sterilisation. Power recovery restart. 
  • Water and steam separation device. In order to improve the life of the vacuum pump, improve the pulse vacuum value, so that the device is has a more reliable sterilisation and enhance the dryness of the device. 
  • Automatic distilled water function. Upward-Open water tank. 
  • Double temperature sensor inside the chamber, independent implementation system and evaluation system. 
  • ULKA brand mini water pump. SUCO brand pressure switch. SEEFRID brand door motor. SU 304 stainless steel. 
  • Manufacturer: GETIDY
  • Origin: China


Also included:

  • Bluetooth label thermal printer. The contents of the label is date, time, S.N, program cycle. 
  • Mobile APP: Monitor the various operating conditions of the autoclave. You can operate the steriliser by phone. After the sterilisation is over, it will send a message to your phone etc. 
  • Water monitoring device.